The Vampire Facial ®️ is protected by US Patent & Trademark Law.


Only trained and listed provider are members of the Vampire Facial Provider Group, know the trade secrets of the Vampire Facial®️, have agreed to use FDA approved equipment, and own license to use the "Vampire" name.  Any others using the name "Vampire Facial" (or any variation) are not members of the group, are violating trademark/patent law, maybe doing an inferior  (even dangerous) procedure, and are subject to prosecution.

Signs of Aging? Are you experiencing this?

1-Skin color is greyer and dull because of less blood flow.

2-Fine vertical lines around the mouth

3- Skin texture becomes less smooth. As a result, the person looks "worn", or "tired" or "droopy."  The lively, rosy hue (seen plainly in playing children of every skin color and in young adults) fades to a dull grey.


Scars from trauma, acne, or chickenpox?



Here's how Vampire facial is done.

  1. First, the physician isolates growth factors from the patient's blood.  

  2. Then, the provider uses a micro-needling device to create multiple micro-punctures --both driving the isolated growth factors into the skin & creating a stimulus for tightening and rejuvenation of the collagen of the face.

  3. Then, these provider paints the growth factors onto the micro-punctures so that the growth factors soak into the tissue for further stimulation of tightening and skin rejuvenation.

  4. The skin tightens, and glows with color, and scaring softens for a beautiful younger and very natural result.

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