What can I expect at my consultation?
During your consultation Dr. Jabbar will discuss your aesthetic goals, concerns and current skincare routine. From there, she will create a custom treatment plan specifically targeting your areas of concern.

Do I NEED a consultation? I’ve received this treatment before!
Yes! Every new patient is required to meet one-on-one with Dr. Jabbar to create a customized treatment plan. 


How much does a consultation cost?
Your first  consultation with Dr. Jabbar is complimentary. If you desire an additional consultation with her, there will be a $35 fee which will be put towards services received and/or paid for within 45 days of your consultation. No show appointments will count as your complimentary consultation and further appointments will require a $50 fee in order to book.

How much do treatments cost?
You will receive customized pricing information for all appropriate treatments and skincare during your consultation as part of your treatment plan.

How far in advance do I need to book my appointment?
We do our best to accommodate your schedule, however we  generally do booking  1 week in advance for most appointments.  

Is that really your first available appointment?
Yes! We appreciate your patience.  If your desired time is not available we can put you on our cancellation call list.

Do you have any financing options?
Yes ! We do have financing option, please check our Financing option section for further details.


Will my insurance cover this?
Insurance does not cover cosmetic/aesthetic services. We are unable to provide insurance coverage for our services. However, we try to help our patients, by issuing receipt for any treatment they are receiving and can write a letter to explain the medical need of treatment(if applicable).

How can I pay for my service?
We accept cash, all major debit/credit cards. We do not accept cheques at the time of service. Cheque payments must be pre-paid a week prior to treatment.

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