It's time to love your skin

‘Invest in your skin – it represents you every day.’

Doctor and Patient

About Dr. Jabbar


Dr. Yasmeen Jabbar has been a family practitioner for over 15 years, she believes in connecting the mind, body and soul through this art.

She often spends her free time sculpting and painting.

With her knowledge of science and artistic skills "3Rs" aims to provide you with the best experience it can offer.


Our Philosophy

Need to detox?  We got you;  here at"3Rs"

we believe in enhancing your beauty with our rejuvenation therapy, providing you skincare as well as soul care with our holistic healing and hence adorning your body so that you feel beautiful inside out. 

Our Mission & Vision

Revive your lost years



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Creating healthy skin habits

Give your skin some love with a specialised treatment from our skin experts. Discover our high performance physician only skincare range that will change your life. And take the time to read our skin care tips for creating healthy life long skin habits.